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  • Bard For Life – Postcard Plus Download Code

    You’ve been able to buy the Karmadillo Bard For Life album for a while from many sources – but now it is also available as a postcard with a download code. This means you can enjoy the fantastic artwork (by Miss Roberts of Rude Mechanicals fame) on your wall whilst you are listening to it!!!

  • Crunchy On The Inside

    It was 6 years ago this week that we released ‘Crunchy On The Inside’. In that primitive era there was only a CD release of the album. There was also some great artwork… Anyway, this album has now been released on digital stores, together with additional tracks, as an enhanced version. (links to stores may…

  • RPM Challenge completed

    So combining the composition requirements for Geekpop and the RPM Challenge into one had given me the project of writing songs about Science. Geekpop being the online science and music festival happening in March and the RPM Challenge being the mission to record an albums worth of material in the month of Feb. The GeekPop…