RPM Challenge completed

So combining the composition requirements for Geekpop and the RPM Challenge into one had given me the project of writing songs about Science. Geekpop being the online science and music festival happening in March and the RPM Challenge being the mission to record an albums worth of material in the month of Feb.

The GeekPop ones were due mid February and so four were recorded rather more completely than the remaining ones which were just charango, bass and vocals. It takes a lot of effort trying to factually verify the lyrical content of the track! The CD has been put in the post, so I guess it’ll be a week or so before they all get put online on the RPM Challenge Jukebox. But you can have a sneak peek at the artwork here.


In the meantime, the 2008 RPM challenge ones are up on our online music site for you to listen to if you want to w rap you ears around them, with their American theme.