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  • Happy 35th Birthday Red Dwarf!

    A 35th anniversary tribute to Red Dwarf. Actually recorded for the 30th anniversary tribute 5 years ago, but I never blogged it on the site, so some justification for putting it up today! As a show, it was a real game changer for me, alongside Star Trek The Next Generation, providing different ways in which […]

  • Karmadillo Eurovision Song Contest Entry

    Ever since 1995 I’ve wanted to submit an entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. One of the rules they have is a three minute time limit on the song, which my love of prog rock seems to have prevented me from writing! Anyway last year I did actually come up with an idea for a […]

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  • Lavender & Lullabies – The Video

    In mid 2015 I got together with some students from Long Road Sixth Form College who were putting together music videos as part of their media course. Here is the fantastic outcome of that project. There were many members of the group – led by Hannah Gautrey – so good luck with going onwards!

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  • MISSING U – A Doctor Who themed video

    Rishi foreshadowing the 2023 Master outfit

    The theme for this video is inspired by the Doctor Who story Shada, and recreates The Fourth Doctor (the Tom Baker one!) being chased around Cambridge on a bicycle by a giant white blob. Special effects meant we could get the giant white blob chasing though we couldn’t quite manage the barbershop quartet in a […]

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  • MISSING U at the Corn Exchange

    Here’s a live video of Karmadillo performing MISSING U at the Cambridge Corn Exchange last month. It feels like the backing track was a bit quieter than I’d have liked but the audience reaction was nice and warm. Need to work on getting those scissor kicks higher – I’m sure I used to get more […]

  • Australia – the lost Ashes video

    A video lament for the lost Ashes, set to sad song that is Australia….

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  • George Takei inspires….

    ‘Don’t Listen To The Douchebags (Listen To George Takei)’ is a properly recorded version of a Youtube thing I did. That acoustic-recorded-on-the-webcam song was inspired by George Takei’s response to a school board member in the US who went on a Facebook rant saying he wished all the gay kids were dead. The board member […]

  • Professor Karmadillo sings about Mars

    Catch the latest video from Professor Karmadillo – a song about the rovers crawling around the surface of Mars. Watch it and pay attention to the David Bowie influenced lyrics here! Verse It ain’t no godawaful small affair being a robot sent to MarsYou ain’t a girl with mousy hair; You’re a one tonne remote […]

  • Cambridge Museum of Technology gig

    Playing a gig in an interesting old building with lots of history (keeping the river free of pollution from the late 1890s to 1968), you can help support the museum that was saved from demolition after it closed in 1968 and has been run mainly by volunteers, on a low budget, ever since. The day […]

  • Any Love Is Good Love

    I wrote a track after hearing about a school board member who suggested that gay school kids go top themselves. I then heard about the Any Love Is Good Love CD project via Emma from Ten Tigers which aims to highlight the issue of homophobic violence. I’ve recorded a full version of this song and […]