All the Karmadillo albums are available from the Bandcamp page, where you can let their player tickle your audiobuds – and hopefully your wallet too! 😉 If you want to enjoy the artwork as well, some albums are also available as postcards with download codes! As well as full releases listed here, you can browse the blog for other one-offs and guest appearances.

Giant Leaps by Professor Karmadillo album cover

Giant Leaps

The first album from Professor Karmadillo (now Singing Science) – hear Karmadillo singing about a range of science topics and themes!

Bard For Life

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Our first album release on UkeyLove Records in November 2010, this is a collection of never been released before material and re-mixed, re-mastered old favourites. In a way its a look back at Karmadillo before this point and as such it features a range of Karmadillo line-ups.

Covering All Basses

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An acoustic EP of two covers, two originals with titles to match other famous songs. The concept was inspired by having a covering bass player help out at short notice for gigs – here’s to you Malcolm Ballinger!

An American Ode-yssey

Available from BandCamp

This was recorded as part of the RPM Challenge where the aim is to write and record an entire album in the month of February. This coincided with a tour of the US, which provided the lyrical inspiration for the songs. The coldness of the mid West at that point in time meant some of the songs turn out a darker than usual Karmadillo material.

Crunchy On The Inside

Available from BandCamp

The classic Karmadillo of Rishi, James & Kate, featuring Kates fantastic oboe, flute and backing vocals accompanying the charango and bass, along with a fantastic set of material.

Women Are Aliens From Venus, Men Are Monsters From Mars

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The first full band set of recordings featuring Tom Barden (now of the Pony Collaboration) on drums and guest appearances from Cosy Cosys’ Jo, Liquid Sky’s Jon Craven and internationally acclaimed accordian maestro Karl Sandeman.

When The Sun Comes Up

Free download on BandCamp!

The first Karmadillo recordings. This is a mini-album recorded solely by Rishi using a drum machine. Scratchy charm makes up for the primitive recording setup. Some good stuff here, including the first ever song When The Sun Comes Up, still used to open the live shows!