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  • Poetry Society Infighting Inspires Poetry

    ‘Tis absurd. The poetry society is having a war of words. Full story, if you ain’t heard.

  • Seeking more likes for Professor Karmadillo

    Singing Science musical stave, with scientific concepts for notes.

    lyrics for a songabout the Higgs-Bosonare the hardest ones I’ve had to write to hear it when its donehere is the Facebook page uponyou can click the button saying ‘LIKE’! Update: Obviously this now refers to Singing Science! And as well as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram etc.

  • Geek Pop 2010 / Song Lyrics

    Arabidopsis A song about Arabidopsis Thaliana A Musicians favourite plant’s supposed to be marijuana But I prefer A dot thaliana Unravelling DNA and all the drama that entails A model organism standing alone With your 5 delectable chromosomes Your genes provide a knockout selection That I just wanna grow The papers you’ve provided have been…

  • A Poem for Marvin the Moose

    As part of a request by Jeremy Sallis’ BBC Breakfast show here is my poem for Marvin the Moose. Marvin The Moose being the Cambridge United mascot with an interesting backstory. We might field drained like a victory has been shown the hangmans noose, We might be down after twenty with seventy more till the…