A Poem for Marvin the Moose

As part of a request by Jeremy Sallis’ BBC Breakfast show here is my poem for Marvin the Moose. Marvin The Moose being the Cambridge United mascot with an interesting backstory.

We might field drained like a victory has been shown the hangmans noose,
We might be down after twenty with seventy more till the truce,
We might feel as rubbish as Jim Davidson trying to replace Bruce,
But the players can be brilliant ;
with inspiration;
Here comes your Moose.

Sometimes whats on the field or boardroom can seem disheartenin’,
And of silverware sometimes, it feels like we’re starvin’,
But players on the field, and fans who’ve paid their farthing
Can feel
Like a hero
When cheered on by Marvin

Apologies to Filbert Fox, from the real team I support, Leicester City