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  • MISSING U – A Doctor Who themed video

    Rishi foreshadowing the 2023 Master outfit

    The theme for this video is inspired by the Doctor Who story Shada, and recreates The Fourth Doctor (the Tom Baker one!) being chased around Cambridge on a bicycle by a giant white blob. Special effects meant we could get the giant white blob chasing though we couldn’t quite manage the barbershop quartet in a…

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  • Noone Else

    chip from lucy pepper on Vimeo. You can also listen to this song on ourmyspace page or if you feel so inclinedbuy it online.

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  • Miranda July

    A song/video inspired by a book, Noone Belongs Here More Than You

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  • Back Message

    I’m coming back for you I’m coming back for me I’m coming back to do What I’ve done in my dreams…..

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  • Heart Of Glass

    Recorded in an airline seat whilst on the U.S. Karmadillo tour in 2008. Song available on Bandcamp.