Noone Else

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I saw him looking at you the way that i used to do
thats when i realised its still the way i look at you too
i watched as he made you laugh bought you drinks playing it cool
and girl i felt so glad when you turned down his moves

my eyes still have taken photographs; ears have recorded how you laugh
heart has trouble with the present tense; mind can’t seem to forget about the past
we see each other now and then; outside calm inside a wrench
girl you mean too much to my zen its all or nothing babe we can’t just be friends

suddenly I’m out one night and there you are standing by my side
i know we’re exchanging words but all i hear is the sparkle in your eyes
and what your saying to me you want my heart back as part of your life
words that mirror how i feel don’t know whether to laugh or cry


I love you and noone else, I love you and noone else
Not the way I like it but girl it can’t be helped
I haven’t got the time or money to get psychiatric help
Without you there is no sunshine and no wealth

© Rishi Nag 2003