NHS Knees Up Fundraiser

Well it was a bit stressful organising as well as playing a gig but at the end of the night we had raised £180 for Addenbrookes Osteopath clinic and Chesterton Medical Centre Physiotherapy Department who have spent the last year operating on and tending to my knee respectively. It was the last full gig I’m doing before the baby comes along (and probably the last one I do for a few years after the baby is born as well!) so it was nice to see so many people turn up and support the cause.

Particular thanks must go to the support acts – Tom Conway and Jacqui & Geoff for playing. The support act from London didn’t show, and didn’t let us know she was not going to show, but I understand its scary for some London born and bred types to go beyond the M25. Still, it gave me the chance to do an extra mini acoustic set between the other acts, which was quite nice as I had been fretting how to squeeze everything I wanted to play into the single set. David Young also had to pull out, but at least he let me know. Being due to his wife being imminent with a baby as well, I totally understand. I am glad to say his wife has given birth this week, so congrats to the proud mum and dad.