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  • Graffiti Themed Photo Shoot!

    Photos of Rishi Karmadillo in front of some graffiti!

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  • COVID-19 Portland Arms Virtual Fundraiser

    As a performer I have greatly enjoyed playing there in my last century rock band, and current century Karmadillo and Singing Science phases, and has a gig goer have enjoyed performances, food, the company of dear friends, (and yes soooo much alcohol!). Since Hayley and Steve took over running the place it has gone from […]

  • Strawberry Fair – Love Music Hate Racism 2017

    Once again, congratulations to Rosey REPEAT for another superbly organised Love Music/Hate Racism stage at this years Strawberry Fair! Kudos to you for all the work you do for the cause in Cambridge. It is always an honour to play to support the work. It was also great to see so a stage given to […]

  • Strawberry Fair 2015

    One of the best Strawberry Fairs I think! Lovely sunny day, a warm relaxed atmosphere and great music from so many local artists made for a blinder! Thanks to Rosie Repeat for inviting Karmadillo to perform on the Love Music/Hate Racism stage! Photos thanks to Jason Hill.

  • Karmadillo at Bling Ya Ting

    Rishi on stage at the Corn Exchange

    Another Karmadillo performance at the Cambridge Corn Exchange, courtesy of the Bling Ya Ting talent show. I had a great time entertaining again, and it’s lovely to be on the Corn Exchange stage with a full house! So much young talent on the stage was great to witness and be part of Here are some […]

  • MISSING U – A Doctor Who themed video

    Rishi foreshadowing the 2023 Master outfit

    The theme for this video is inspired by the Doctor Who story Shada, and recreates The Fourth Doctor (the Tom Baker one!) being chased around Cambridge on a bicycle by a giant white blob. Special effects meant we could get the giant white blob chasing though we couldn’t quite manage the barbershop quartet in a […]

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  • MISSING U at the Corn Exchange

    Here’s a live video of Karmadillo performing MISSING U at the Cambridge Corn Exchange last month. It feels like the backing track was a bit quieter than I’d have liked but the audience reaction was nice and warm. Need to work on getting those scissor kicks higher – I’m sure I used to get more […]

  • Otway Support Reviews πŸ˜‰

    There were a couple of reviews made of the John Otway show last week in Cambridge, and a couple of nice Karmadillo mentions in some of them πŸ˜‰ I had a great time, and really enjoyed Otways show. From Cambridge Local Secrets: It’s just as well that Otway is so good because support act Karmadillo […]

  • Buzz Fest!!!

    Playing Buzz Fest at The Cornerhouse off Newmarket Road in Cambridge tomorrow afternoon (Saturday 3rd August) – onstage 4pm with Free entry! Here’s the rest of the Saturday line-up! SJ Mortimer 13:25 Spikey Wild 14:00 Tom Tilbury 14:35 Rob Jackson 15:05 Broken Desperado 15:25 Karmadillo 16:00 Mark Shepherd 16:35 Romy 17:10 Paul Gloyne 17:45 Nathan […]