Cambridge Busking Festival Champion 2010 busking once again, for Cancer Research UK

Less than a month after being voted Cambridge’s Favourite Busker at the Cambridge Busking Festival 2010 and being acknowledged as one of cities most entertaining and popular music acts, Karmadillo will be taking to the streets of Cambridge once again. This time all the public contributions will be going towards cancer research as the busking will be part of a Busking Cancer – a national week of busking – raising money for Cancer Research UK.

After another performance in a Marquee at Cambridge’s Big Day Out Festival last weekend, the singer with Karmadillo, Rishi said

“Its been a busy month with festivals and preparing an album for launch next month, but having lost a number of family members and friends to the Big C, raising money towards the research for cancer cures is something I am very keen to support, and have supported many times in the past. Luckily the people of Cambridge find what Karmadillo do entertaining and I hope I can put this to good use and will find it reflected in donations when I am out on the streets in Cambridge once again this month.”

Karmadillo will be out and about in Cambridge on Saturday 17th, Sunday 18th and Friday 23rd July raising money for Cancer Research UK. They will be releasing a new album ‘Bard For Life’ in August 2010.

Karmadillo busking at Fishers Square
Karmadillo busking at Fishers Square