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  • Karmadillo at Bling Ya Ting

    Rishi on stage at the Corn Exchange

    Another Karmadillo performance at the Cambridge Corn Exchange, courtesy of the Bling Ya Ting talent show. I had a great time entertaining again, and it’s lovely to be on the Corn Exchange stage with a full house! So much young talent on the stage was great to witness and be part of Here are some […]

  • MISSING U at the Corn Exchange

    Here’s a live video of Karmadillo performing MISSING U at the Cambridge Corn Exchange last month. It feels like the backing track was a bit quieter than I’d have liked but the audience reaction was nice and warm. Need to work on getting those scissor kicks higher – I’m sure I used to get more […]

  • Bling Ya Ting: Photos from the Corn Exchange

    There is a gallery up on facebook with photos from the Urban/World music festival I played at in April. This includes what has just become my favourite photo of me performing ever!

  • The Bling Ya Ting / Cambridge Corn Exchange Experience

    Doing a gig at Cambridges largest venue was something I was looking forward to, though the fact the appearance was due to happen on April Fools Day did have me worrying that this was Cambridge City Council japery organised solely for my benefit. The first hint that this was going to be a different type […]

  • Bling Ya Ting Festival Appearance

    OK, this will be the biggest stage appearance for Karmadillo as of yet, at the world/urban music festival at the Cambridge Corn Exchange happening tomorrow. I’ve decided to soup up the stage act as well – playing this solo means in a big hall means the audience at the back probably won’t even be able […]

  • Cambridge Corn Exchange Appearance!

    Want to see Karmadillo on the big stage? Its happening at The Cambridge Corn Exchange on April 1st! This will be as part of a Council organized Urban/World event and is free entry. Not sure of the onstage time at the moment – there were some last minute alterations to the programme. Will send the […]