Promoters Page

Promoters may want to know tech specs and have some publicity photographs and the such like. Here is where that information will be added.


You can have a listen to some music here.


You can use these pictures here in publicity materials. Click on the Image to get the full sized high resolution image.

Tech Specs

Live performances are as a one or two man show, and can either be acoustic or with backing tracks to give that full band vibe!

  1. Rishi – charango player/lead vox. The charango is a small ukulele type instrument with an inbuilt microphone, and uses either a DI or acoustic amp. 1 microphone for the vocals. Stage Centre.
  2. Backing Tracks – these come as two outputs from a player suitable for DI or can be fed straight into the desk. One channel is drums, the other is bass and all other instruments.