Noone Else video for Youtube LifeInADay project

Here is a video for the new version Noone Else on the forthcoming Bard For Life album!

Single Available from iTunes (and now with added Amazon!), released September 2010. More stores coming soon

You may not have the time and money
To get psychiatric help
But you can get on to the online stores
And buy Noone Else!

All the footage was shot on 24th July 2010 so it could be eligible for the Life In A Day project run on youtube.

Luckily we were on our way to the wedding of ex-Karmadillo member Kate Newells wedding in Wales which happened on that day, so we could take advantage of some great scenery for the video. The first half of the video was a really nice hotel in Chester we were staying in and then the lovely Welsh countryside near Bets-y-Coed where the wedding was taking place to provide a gorgeous backdrop to the finale.