For Wilma, Little Bear

UPDATE: This song was originally written for Wilma, but is now dedicated to all overdue babies!

FURTHER UPDATE: This mp3 has now been replaced but I should recorded and put it back online when I get around to it!

To induce birth, play the following song to your tummy!

come out, come out, little bear / you know you cannot stay in there / you must come out
i know inside its safe and warm / where you’ve grown from foetus to baby form / but don’t worry / you’ll be fine outside
cos your parents they are really great / though your mum right now’s a distorted shape / as they / sit and wait
And when you accomplish this feat / there’s so many people for you to meet / who right now / are on the edge of their seats

So come on out over here / you’ve not got a thing to fear / you’ll be welcomed with open arms
We’re waiting to hear you cry / see your tiny fists raised to the sky / and the rest of your baby charms
You’ll leave one home but don’t feel sad / cos the new one ain’t that bad / and you’ll make us all feel glad
We’re ready for you, boy or girl / so come on plac-enter this world / little bear / we’re waiting for you