Bard For Life – The Album

We are proud to announce that the first Karmadillo album with UkeyLove Records is now available on iTunes! ‘Bard For Life’ features 11 Karmadillo tracks, available for the first time online.

Places to Buy The Album

Track Listings

  1. Noone Else (drums)
  2. Veloceraptor
  3. Why Must I Be A Teenage Zombie In Love
  4. Facebook Makes This Bit Easy
  5. Still
  6. Australia
  7. Noone Else Oboe Mashup (original)
  8. Rent Boy
  9. Woman In Red
  10. E.T.
  11. Mars and Venus

The album is in part a retrospective of Karmadillo work in the naughties, and features contributions from many Cambridge musicians including Jon Craven from Liquid Sky, accordian maestro Karl Sandeman and Tom Barden, drummer from the Pony Collaboration.

The album cover was designed by Miss Roberts of the Rude Mechanicals.